Giannis Konstantatos

Mayor of the Municipality of Helliniko – Argyroupoli
I am very pleased I was elected to preside over SPAY.

This election is the capstone of an effort made for the past five years in cooperation with SPAY to protect, enhance and develop Mt. Hymettus, so that it is enjoyed by all citizens, since it is a mountain of unique and historic value.

I have an appetite for hard work and together with my colleagues and employees of SPAY, we will fully restructure the Union.

We will find all that will constitute Mt. Hymettus a paradigm of destinations and of environmental protection so that thousands of people can enjoy its high standards of safety and more importantly, quality.


Giannis Konstantatos was born in Argyroupoli in 1976 and is the father of two sons, Konstantinos – Gerasimos and Dimitris. He is a graduate of the Athens University of Economics and Business and of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the Faculty of Communication and Media, while he also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Durham in the United Kingdom.

He is the author of four historical fiction novels; ‘The Last Chance’, ‘Against Destiny’, ‘The Greek King Regent of Siam’ and ‘The Savage”, with which he earned the recognition of scholars and people of intellect. Until his election, as Mayor, he had worked for twelve years as an executive in a large satellite telecommunications company and as a communications consultant for companies and politicians.


Second place champion in the 4x200m freestyle relay representing ANO Glyfada

2002 - 2006

Presides over the Society of Cefalonians of Argyroupoli & the Southern Suburbs of Attica

2007 - 2008

Is appointed Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture and establishes the successful, annual, cultural event “Youth Festival”


Founds the political faction ‘Agonas gia to Mellon’ with the participation of many young people and in the same year reaches second place in the Municipal elections


Is unanimously elected to lead the large, independent political faction ‘Enomeni Poli’ created by the consolidation of three former factions: ‘Agonas gia to Mellon’, ‘Sychroni Poli’ and ‘Anagennisi’


Is elected Mayor of the Municipality of Helliniko-Argyroupoli


Is reelected Mayor of the Municipality of Helliniko-Argyroupoli with a percentage of 68,23% in the first round


Is appointed President of the ‘Management of Investments in Hellinikon Implementing Body’


Undertakes the position of President of SPAY, while also elected to be in the Executive Committee of the ‘Athens Regional Association of Municipalities’

‘It is within our power to protect Mt. Hymettus and make it greener and more beautiful than ever. We owe it to our children and the generations to come.’

Giannis K. Konstantatos