Volunteer Teams

We are proud of the volunteer teams and their members who effectively support this mission, significantly contributing to the aim of the Union to protect and develop Mt. Hymettus.

Meet the volunteers of your region and become an integral part of the process of protecting our mountain.

Civil Protection Voluntary Association of the Northeastern Region of Mt. Hymettus

Founded in 2008 with the aim of creating volunteer teams to deal with civil emergencies such as major fires, floods, earthquakes etc.

Forest Protection and Fire Safety Team of Vari

Founded in 2007 by the Municipality of Vari, active volunteers of the Fire Service and citizens, the team has always remained an effective member of the Network of Volunteer Teams for Mt. Hymettus.

Volunteer Forest Firefighting Team of Voula

One of the oldest firefighting teams in Attica operating 365 days a year, with an intervention crew available both in winter and summer.

Forest and Natural Environment Protection Centre of the Municipality of Vironas

Held in high regard throughout Attica since 1991, the Centre has had its members trained by the fire service to ensure immediate intervention in forest fires on Mt. Hymettus.

Emergency Response Team

A newly founded team -founded in 2019- that aims to provide nonprofit services in emergency situations to meet community needs and benefit society.

Volunteer Forest Protection - Forest Firefighting Association of Glyfada

The association currently comprises 45 active members; qualified firefighters, volunteer firefighters, rescuers, medical personnel, geologists, firefighting vehicle operators and amateur radio operators.

Forest Fire Protection Team of the Southern Part of Mt. Hymettus

Founded in July, 2012 by mere citizens, it is an independent volunteer association, actively involved in Forest Protection and Forest Firefighting.

Volunteer Forest Protection and Firefighting Team of the Municipality of Helliniko - Argyroupoli

Founded out of necessity after the disastrous fire on Mt. Hymettus on the 17th of July 2015 when dozens of volunteers of all ages responded to our call to action on the protection of Mt. Hymettus.

Volunteer Forest Fire Protection and Firefighting Team of Ilioupoli

One of the most historic volunteer teams in terms of Forest Protection and Forest Firefighting, founded in 1999 and responding to a number of incidents throughout Attica ever since.

Volunteer Forest Protection Team of Kaisariani

One of the most active teams in Attica regarding Forest Protection, contributing its services successfully since 1985 within the wider region of the Municipality of Kaisariani.

Volunteer Team of the Municipality of Kropia

Created in 2011, the team comprises 71 members; 46 are certified in forest protection and forest firefighting, while 11 are currently receiving training.

Civil Protection - Forest Protection - Forest Firefighting Team of Peania

Active since 2011, the team has been providing its services not only within the wider region of Peania – Glyka Nera but if necessary, to neighbouring municipalities and the Eastern portion of Attica as well.

Volunteer Forest Fire Protection Team of Papagos - Holargos

Created by environmentally conscious people keen on protecting the environment and providing humanitarian aid, the team has been operating in its current form since 2012.