All of us in SPAY, are proud of the volunteer teams and their members, who effectively support this mission and the actions we have taken on the protection of our mountain.

Meet the ‘Forest and Natural Environment Protection Centre of the Municipality of Vironas’, learn about its plan of action, its members and the values it represents. Follow the team on social media and take part in its actions.

About our team

The Forest Fire Protection Team of Vironas was founded in 1985 by several active citizens with meager means and a tent at the foot of Mt. Hymettus, specifically at the entrance of ‘Koutala’ as its base of operations, motivated by their love for the forest and its preservation.

From 1986 to 1990, the team began to grow and as a result, was able to actively participate in extinguishing forest fires, being in charge of the coordination, the staffing of all water tenders provided by the neighbouring municipalities with its volunteers, the collaboration with the Forest Service – responsible for the team’s first training courses – and lastly the suppression of forest fires.

By 1991, the team was held in high regard throughout Attica and due to its active contribution, in collaboration with the municipality of Vironas, it was unanimously decided that the team would be reconstituted under the name of ‘Forest and Natural Environment Protection Centre of the Municipality of Vironas’.

The ‘Forest and Natural Environment Protection Centre of the Municipality of Vironas’ is currently considered to be one of the most organised and qualified Volunteer Teams in its field.

Our objectives

  • Install telecommunications equipment in fire lookout towers so that immediate action can be taken, wherever and whenever needed, to protect man and nature.
  • Prevent forest fires and the disposal of rubble on the mountain, protect the forest’s flora and fauna and generally prevent disasters and preserve our natural environment.
  • Provide immediate response in forest fires of all types, as well as first aid treatment and alleviate traffic congestion in case of road accidents.
  • Provide assistance in earthquakes (search and rescue missions in collaboration with the Fire Service), floods (water drainage from buildings) or in search and rescue missions (missing persons on mountains).

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