All of us in SPAY, are proud of the volunteer teams and their members, who effectively support this mission and the actions we have taken on the protection of our mountain.

Meet the ‘Forest Fire Protection Team of the Southern Part of Mt. Hymettus’, learn about its plan of action, its members and the values it represents. Follow the team on social media and take part in its actions.

About our team

The Forest Fire Protection Team of the Southern Part of Mt. Hymettus was founded in July, 2012 by mere citizens and is an independent volunteer association, or more specifically, a nonprofit organisation actively involved in Forest Protection and Fire Safety and registered in the Court of Athens with the registration number 11379/16.07.2012.

It is also a member of the Volunteer Organisations Register of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection with the registration number 14/2019.

Our objectives

  • Contribute to the protection of the southern part of Mt. Hymettus against fires.
  • Prevent forest fires and other disasters.
  • Restore degraded forest areas on the southern part of Mt. Hymettus.
  • Collaborate with environmental associations and participate in other volunteer actions.

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