All of us in SPAY, are proud of the volunteer teams and their members, who effectively support this mission and the actions we have taken on the protection of our mountain.

Meet the ‘Volunteer Forest Fire Protection Team of Papagos – Holargos’, learn about its plan of action, its members and the values it represents. Follow the team on social media and take part in its actions.

About our team

The Volunteer Forest Fire Protection Team of Papagos – Holargos was created by environmentally conscious people keen on protecting the environment and providing humanitarian aid.

The team, in its current form, has been operating all year round since 2012 and is a member of the Volunteer Organisations Register of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection with the registration number 14/2012.

The Volunteer Forest Fire Protection Team is the advisor of the Municipal Organisation for Culture, Sport and Environment of the Municipality of Papagos – Holargos in matters concerning the protection and development of the natural environment in general and civil protection in particular.

The team is active in all areas of Mt. Hymettus from the foot of the mountain where the Papagos – Holargos Municipality is located, to the summit (Efzonas) and all throughout the ‘Glyka Nera’ region, including the hiking trails. It also provides its services wherever deemed necessary within the Attica Region and on occasion outside of it, if circumstances arise.

The Volunteer Forest Fire Protection Team has 121 members in total, with 86 being active members (certified or currently in training).

Our objectives

  • Contribute to the protection of the natural environment by guarding and observing forest areas and in the event of fire, suppress it and assist the Fire Service in extinguishing it.
  • Provide assistance to state services and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection in dealing with natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, snowfalls, windstorms etc.)
  • Restore and enhance the natural environment (plant and maintain trees, protect wildlife and deal with littering or any form of environmental pollution on Mt. Hymettus.)
  • Raise awareness of preparedness and protection in natural disasters among citizens and students and cultivate their environmental awareness with educational seminars and workshops.
  • Provide continuous training to our volunteers so they are qualified and well-trained at all times.

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