All of us in SPAY, are proud of the volunteer teams and their members, who effectively support this mission and the actions we have taken on the protection of our mountain.

Meet the ‘Volunteer Forest Protection – Forest Firefighting Association of Glyfada’, learn about its plan of action, its members and the values it represents. Follow the team on social media and take part in its actions.

About our team

The ‘Volunteer Forest Protection – Forest Firefighting Association of Glyfada’ has been accredited with taking action on forest fires, forest protection, floods, shelter management and establishing relief camps after earthquakes, as well as with managing radio communications throughout Attica.

The team is registered in the records of the Civil Protection Operations Centre of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (13-2013) and the Civil Protection Office of the Municipality of Glyfada. It comprises 45 active members; qualified forest firefighters, volunteer firefighters, rescuers, medical personnel, geologists, firefighting vehicle operators and amateur radio operators.

Our objectives

  • Observe and protect the ecosystem of Mt. Hymettus by taking actions such as watering, clearing, reforesting etc.
  • Be involved in planning with memoranda of understanding and facilitate the participation of the bodies involved on matters regarding the National Civil Protection Plan (Xenocrates Plan).
  • Issue prevention manuals and improve preparedness in regard to both disaster response and the recovery phase to effectively mitigate disasters, reducing, hence, loss of life and damage to infrastructure.

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