The Action Plan of the new Administration of SPAY

The President of the Union for the Protection and Development of Hymettus (SPAY) and Mayor of Helliniko – Argyroupoli, Giannis Konstantatos, initiated the joint effort towards the revival of Mt. Hymettus in the presence of Panagiotis Theodorikakos, Minister for Internal Affairs, and Kostis Hatzidakis, Minister for Environment and Energy.

In a special event held in the hall of the municipal council of Ilioupoli, the President analysed the Union’s five-point plan of action, to be implemented in the next two years, for the protection and development of Mt. Hymettus and his primary goal; its global distinction as a natural landmark of exemplary environmental management.

The Plan of Action of the new Administration of SPAY comprises 5 points and 20 goals.

The Five-Point Plan of Action

Protect Mt. Hymettus Against Threats

Promote its Global Distinction as a Natural Landmark

Raise Public Awareness of Forest Conservation

‘Smart’ Mt. Hymettus

Civil Protection & Increased Volunteerism

20 Goals

As the new Administration of SPAY, we have set 20 goals we aim to achieve during this term while leading the Union.

  • Maintenance of Fire Protection Infrastructure
  • Steps to Prevent Forest Fires
  • Restoration of Burnt Expanses
  • Creation of an EU Certified Metropolitan Network of Inter-Regional Trails
  • Promotion of our Natural and Environmental Assets
  • Promotion of our Cultural Heritage
  • Placement of Entrance Gates for every Member-Municipality
  • Connection of the Hellinikon Metropolitan Park to Mt. Hymettus
  • Development of Action Plans with the Participation of Citizens
  • Promotion of Environmental Consciousness Among Students
  • Accessibility for All
  • Creation of Sustainable Community Parks
  • Creation of an Operations Centre
  • Digital Imaging of the Mountain
  • Intelligent Thermal Fire Detectors
  • Electronic Signs on Entrance Gates
  • Smart Water Tank Level Monitor
  • Funding & Support of Volunteer Teams
  • Communications Management
  • Establishment of an Annual, Forest Fire Training Drill
The Action Plan to Revive Mt. Hymettus!